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One of the club’s main objectives is to provide scholarships to high school seniors aspiring to further their education after high school. Scholarship funds are provided by Rotarians, donors, and fundraising collections.

Charize Balignasay

"Receiving this scholarship allows me to focus on my education by lessening my financial burden. I hope to pay my tuition with minimal help from my parents, and because the scholarship covered a portion of my schooling, I am able to do so. I can now worry less about how I will be earning money to fund my studies. Also, it has kept me motivated to maintain a high GPA. Knowing that the West Pearl Harbor club is contributing to my education, I will engage in my courses with full effort to show that I am grateful to have their support. Most importantly, this scholarship has given me confidence as a student to continue pursuing my degree. It assures that I am on the right path to becoming a registered nurse. With the help of this scholarship, I am a step closer to achieving my goals, allowing me to have a bright vision for my future."

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