WPH Rotary Club partnered up with Tanioka's to fundraise and support the Polio Plus campaign to help eradicate Polio. One ticket includes a Bento with Mochiko Chicken, Teri Pork, Ahi Patty, Teri Spam & Rice. The ticket cost $20 but for every ticket bought, $10 will be donated to the Polio Plus Campaign.


If you are interested in buying a ticket please Contact us!

Pho Waipahu

President Rodgie Mark Bucsit, community service chairwoman Pala Wong, and Pho Waipahu owners Man and Katie Vo display samples of the Vietnamese sandwiches and drinks that are being offered in the club's fundraiser to support the Polio Plus campaign and help eradicate Polio.


In commemoration of World Polio Day on Oct. 24,2020, the Rotary Club of West Pearl Harbor launched “Buy a Meal, Donate a Meal, Support Local Restaurants,” a fundraiser to support The Rotary Foundation’s Polio Plus program. For a $20 meal ticket, purchasers could redeem their ticket at Pho Waipahu restaurant for a Vietnamese sandwich and a drink, and the balance of the meal ticket would be donated to The Rotary Foundation. The club sold over 120 tickets, supported a Waipahu business, and raised over $1200 for The Rotary Foundation.

2nd Annual Student Dictionary Fundraiser


Last August, the Rotary Club of West Pearl Harbor raised more than $1800 from family, friends, and the community to purchase student dictionaries for over 600 third-graders in Waipahu-area schools.


These young students, many of them from underprivileged and immigrant families, learned words like “kindness”… “compassion”... “nurturing”… “mentoring”… many words that describe you, our donors, for caring about young minds … for helping them grow into young adults who will be able to communicate clearly on a global level.


For only $3, you will provide a dictionary which contains over 11,000 words; weights and measures in English and Metric; multiplication table; Roman numerals; information about Betsy Ross and the United States flag, a civics lesson; the Declaration of Independence; the United States Constitution; information on all 44 presidents of the United States; the 50 states and their capitals; maps of the world; facts about countries and locations; the solar system; the American manual alphabet (sign language); and Braille.




Please help us again this year and sponsor student dictionaries for eager, young students just waiting to learn! Send checks payable to Rotary Club of West Pearl Harbor, 92-­681 Malahuna Loop, Kapolei, HI 96707.


For more information, e-­mail or call (808) 228-­4499.

Contact us if you are interested in donating!